Debiting & Crediting Revolutions.

Arpit Bansal
2 min readDec 17, 2021

This year, turning 27.

Just a few days ago, on 8th December, there was a helicopter crash where 13 brave souls perished. It was an event of fate. The top most military official of country died. It’s the aftermath that shook me more than the event itself. 6 women including 1 army major, 1 teacher, a 17-year old & a 12-year old. All 6 grieving from loss of their husband, their father, their superheroes.

But every single one of them hold their head high and gave the departed souls a smiling send-off. Imagine losing your father at an age of 12 year old. I couldn’t even imagine what it would do to me, and there she was, calm, composed. All 6 women performed the last rites of their loved ones.

One might wonder why I am writing about this in my birthday post. Fast forward it to a few days, on 14th December, I was a part of my cousin’s wedding. And there was this ritual where you need to wish the newlywed couple, that they should be blessed with a boy. At that particular moment, I can’t help but compare the stark difference that we just experienced a few days ago and what we follow as our rituals. We can talk about on and on about the women empowerment / saving a girl child but it is something that originates from our homes. You don’t have to step outside to see the discrimination.

With this, I want myself to question every single thing. The world problems originate from our homes, Sure, they are small, seems as if one changed home can do anything in this big world. But it would enable the conversations at-least in your periphery.

Question everything. Question your foundation. Question your parents. Question your relatives. It’s okay to get bashed on this but at-least you would be starting a conversation.

As I complete my 27th revolution around the sun, I feel humbled with what I and many of us had to go through in the last year. I lost my maternal uncle to Covid & my friend to post Covid complications. Life shows you that how much we give importance to irrelevant stuff. It gives a perspective for you to pause, reflect, decide and then move ahead in your intended direction. But we humans are stupid. We never learn, do we?

Thank you all so much for your wishes! I’m grateful.

To the people who made it till here, I really love you guys :)

Take care of your loved ones!

Until next time, if there is! Till then question, find answers & explore the world :)