A love letter :)

Arpit Bansal
2 min readApr 24, 2022

I always fall in love with places where I live. My parents are always curious that what does it matter where I live since I never roam around much and like to stay at home. I also wondered the same.

How can you fall in love with a place? How does it work? What makes you like and dislike a place? I tried to reason with myself.

Let’s look from a zoomed-out perspective. Cities are always more than what its attractions, touristy spots, night life, weather offer. They are about matching your vibes and letting you grow with themselves. You soak in so much unaware from your surroundings which you recognise a lot later.

When I landed in Bangalore for the first time, I was afraid, terrified, excited, nervous of what lies ahead. Two days later, rain poured. In the starting week of June. A kid coming from the North, acclimatised with the fact that June is always about scorching heat, just got a reminder that he needs to tinker with his thought process.

From that point on, Bangalore always taught me to keep an open mind as it always forced me to change my point of view. I have spent my young years learning and unlearning in this city. In the almost 6 years I have lived here, I have met some great people, who I have got to know both personally and professionally. Well, cities are never about a place, they are about its people :)

My story with Bangalore isn’t coming to an end with me moving, it’s something which would always force me to think and then make decisions.

And I know that if things don’t work out the way they are supposed to, I know I have a place to go to :)